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Q: What is the difference between mail order and remote/email tuning?

Mail order tunes require your ECU to be mailed directly to Elite Tuned. Once received, it will be flashed on bench to the modifications that you have listed. This option is only recommended for mild or stock setups looking to gain 15-30 HP and maximize your bolt-on or stock vehicle.  (Not available on forced induction or large cubic inch set ups!)

Email tuning is highly recommended for most vehicles with with added internal and/or forced induction modifications including (but not limited to): camshafts, headers, superchargers, aftermarket fuel systems, conversion cars, etc. Email tuning gives us the ability to make unlimited adjustments, to review and diagnose any issues, and truly dial in the setup.

Q: How long will my remote tune take?

Once a tune is ordered, we strive to have your base tune to you within 24 hours. The time that it will take to perform an accurate and complete tune heavily depends your vehicle. Factors include the complexity of your combination/systems as well as the mechanical ability of the build itself. Typically, most tuning can be remotely performed in 4-8 revisions. 

An overall time-frame can range from as little as a day to several weeks depending on how long it takes to receive the proper logs from our customers. Don’t worry if you’re not able to immediately send logs or respond to our revisions. We will be here. The most important priority to ensure a smooth tuning process is a vehicle that is mechanically sound with no leaks, adequate fuel systems, and proper parts.

Q: Why go with an email tune over my local dyno shop?

There are many good local tuners out there, but for every one good tuner, there are several with limited experience passing themselves off as professional tuners. And if we are being fully honest, we get calls regularly from tuning professionals who run into issues that they don’t know how to solve.

A remote email tune puts you in control and saves you time and money. With this hassle-free experience, you will get to see exactly what we see and we are here to help educate you and walk you through anything you don’t understand.

Q: Are "plug-and-play" aftermarket tuners/tunes a good alternative?

“Plug-and-play” tuners/tunes are not typically recommended if you are looking to achieve the highest level of efficiency and performance for your vehicle. These tunes are “cookie cutter” tunes that are developed and masked over from one vehicle to the next. Unfortunately, no two vehicles or combinations are ever the same, so the calibration you’re receiving will never help your vehicle reach its full potential.

Elite Tuned’s remote tuning process focuses the specific needs and set-ups of each customer which allows us to dial in your unique combination for maximum efficiency, potential, and power.

Q: I want a tune, but I don't have software/hardware.

We HIGHLY recommend that all of our customers have the appropriate software and hardware to be an active participant in the tuning process. The most efficient way to properly calibrate your vehicle is with you in control. We work with our customers to promote a basic knowledge of the software. This will enable you to keep track of your car’s performance and how it’s running.

Q: What software does Elite Tuned recommend?

We recommend HP Tuners devices and software which can be purchased  directly from our store page. There are many options to choose from with HP Tuners, but we recommend the MPVI3  device for our standard tuning  procedure. You can purchase an MPVI3 by clicking this link.

For those looking to tune the E90, E93, or E99 ECM (2020+ C8 LT2, 2022+ CT5-V/Blackwing, 2019+ GM Trucks, 2019+ C7 ZR1), a remote tuning device is required. You can purchase a RTD by clicking this link.

Q: How do I add credits to my HP Tuner interface?

Elite Tuned is a licensed distributor of HP Tuners Universal Credits. They can be purchased in our store or by clicking this link. Be sure to include the correct serial number for your device as the credit transfer cannot be reversed once it is complete.

Q: Do I need a wideband for my remote tune?

Although it is not absolutely necessary, a wideband is highly recommended, especially for forced-induction set ups. Having a wide-band allows us to gather more accurate fuel data which will lead to a more precise tune. You can purchase a wideband by clicking this link.

Q: What wideband do you recommend?

Although it is not absolutely necessary, a wide-band is highly recommended, especially for forced-induction set ups. Having a wideband allows us to gather more accurate fuel data which will lead to a more precise tune.We recommend using the Ballenger AFR 500CAN -Air Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit – Wideband O2 System which can be found in our store or by clicking here.

Q: What is data logging?

Data logging is the act of acquiring information from your vehicle during a driving situation using the  HP Tuners, EFI Live, or Holley platforms. This data is stored in a log and helps us measure and interpret the condition and performance of your engine. Data logs are crucial to any vehicle looking to run at peak-performance. Logs of data/your car’s performance are what we look at to diagnose any issues and make resulting  adjustments in your tune. A great device for this is HP Tuners’ Remote Tuning Device.

Q: What does it take to qualify for Elite Tuned's multi-car shop discount?

Any shop looking to become part of Elite Tuned’s multi-car shop discount must first purchase and go through the entire remote tuning process at full-price for three cars. After the initial three cars, the shop must meet a continued minimum requirement of at least 3 remote tunes per month. Should a shop not meet this required minimum, they will be at risk of losing the dealer discount.

Q: I already had my car tuned by Elite Tuned. Do I have to pay again for a new tune if I make more changes to my vehicle?

Elite Tuned offers a discounted cost for our customers who are making updates or adding new modifications to the same engine combinations and have already purchased a tune. You may contact us directly to see what the discounted updated fee is for your particular combination/setup.

Please note that we do not offer this discounted update fee for any new customers or for our existing customers who have largely changed their combination. This includes (but is not limited to) a new engine, adding a forced induction system, switching to an alternative fuel, etc.

Q: Does Elite Tuned offer other minor tuning services?

Yes! Simple services such as DOD deletes, speed limiter removals, speedometer calibrations, CEL deletes, and much more are all included with Elite Tuned’s base tune option.

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