Meet Your INDUSTRY LEADING Professionals


Mike Carnahan started his career with cars as a master technician at GMMG, Inc. in the early 2000’s. He spent his time building the F-Body platform vehicles and pushing them beyond what others were capable of at the time. Mike became the founder of Vengeance Racing in 2005 and began focusing more on the tuning side of the business. Mike quickly grew an extensive knowledge base in calibrating the engine and transmission control modules and has been a wizard on the laptop ever since. Mike stepped down as owner of Vengeance Racing and officially opened Vengeance PCM in late 2010 to focus solely on calibration.

Mike is an expert at meticulously reading and interpreting logs to diagnose mechanical issues and identify areas of untapped potential and improvements. Mike’s years of experience have resulted in not only calibrating record-breaking, high-performance vehicles to run at peak efficiency down the track, but he has also built a reputation for providing special care and attention to the two most important factors of calibration:  a car’s drivability and safety. Drivability tuning takes years of experience to master, especially in some of the more radical combinations like the swaps and buggies that are found on the street, track, and Vengeance PCM’s parking lot. You’d be  hard-pressed to find a setup Mike has not seen and/or tuned.


After finding himself repeatedly disappointed in the tuners of his personal cars, Branden Leeb began forging his own path in the calibration world. He has owned many 10, 9, and 8 second cars over the years and began gaining experience across many different platforms including F-bodies, GM performance vehicles, and Mustangs. Branden spent years working closely with many professional shops in Florida before making the move to Georgia in 2019 to work with Vengeance Racing.

Branden has gained a reputation for being exceptionally knowledgeable in data analysis and vehicle diagnostics. He specializes in the GM Gen 3, 4, and 5 vehicles and the Holley EFI ECUs, and regularly supports shops world-wide with professional calibration services. As a current owner of an 8-second 2021 Mustang GT equipped with twin turbos, Branden has a personal interest and extensive experiential knowledge in the newer Ford performance platforms as well.

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